Overseas Shipping to UAE

Furniture shipping from Canada

When you're looking for the best international moving services to get your goods from Canada to the UAE, A1 Corporation has the best international car shipping and container shipping rates available in the industry. Whether you need to move cars, household goods, or personal belongings, A1 can help get your goods to where they're needed quickly, efficiently, and with a smile.

Our service is unparalleled because we make taking care of you a priority. We know it can be complicated to ship overseas. And we know you've more than enough to think about already. That's why we're dedicated to simplifying the processes and quickly responding to all of your inquiries, to keep you in the loop, and always ensure you know precisely when your goods arrive at their destination.

Experience matters. We've been a leader in overseas shipping industry for many years because we know how to safely, accurately, and comprehensively ship goods to locations all over the world. Throughout the UAE and the globe, we're able to pinpoint where your possessions are placed. So let us help you with whatever kind of international shipping you need.

Personal Goods Relocation to UAE

Moving is stressful enough, especially when you're moving to another part of the world. When know what it takes to move to UAE and we'll surely get you there for business, pleasure, or a little bit of both. The beauty of it all is that you don't need to leave any of your possessions behind when you go.

Being a market leader in specializes in international relocation services; A1 Global Corporation will get all your household and personal effects from Canada to UAE on time. Our containers are safe and effective for transporting everything you'll need to set yourself up in style for life abroad. And our rates are affordable for every mover.

Household shipping overseas is easy with A1. Our specialists are always on standby to ease the stress and worry of moving to UAE. They will help you relocate smoothly so that you can enjoy the sun and the culture of the UAE, and start your new life on the right footing.

Vehicle and Commercial Machinery Transportation to UAE

International car shipping with A1 Global Corporation is easier than ever before thanks to our extensive experience and insight. We're also one of the top international car movers in Canada. There's no need to sell your vehicle and go through the lengthy and complicated process of buying a new one once you reach the UAE. Have us ship your car and save!

No matter the size or style, we can get your vehicle to you. We ship cars, motorcycles, boats, and even heavy construction equipment—anything and everything with wheels, wings or motors. If you've got a vehicle, we can move it. That's why we're the go-to destination for cars shipping overseas.

Whatever your reasons for moving to the UAE, we know you'll have a fantastic time. You won't need to worry much longer or feel homesick a bit when you can take your personal belongings with you. That's why we are here to help you!

Call us today to get a fast and friendly quote on all your international shipping to the UAE.