Overseas Shipping to Estonia

Furniture shipping from Canada

Looking for a reliable company to take care of your overseas shipping to Estonia? You just found one! A1 Global Corporation is an established provider of international car shipping, household relocation overseas, international freight shipping, commercial overseas shipping and more.

International Household Relocation

For overseas household shipping we offer the super convenient service of a container delivered right to your doorstep and picked up for shipment whenever you are ready. Take your lifestyle and favorite furniture with you and you will feel like home no matter where you are going!

But moving overseas is a hard task. It goes without saying that you can’t just leave your furniture, artwork, statuary, carpets and other valuables behind. Packing it all can be quite a challenge indeed. Good news - it doesn’t have to!

What we can offer is an additional service; a team of professionals will pack everything for you. They will also make sure that all the restrictions for overseas shipping to Estonia or other countries are observed to the fullest.

Cars And Industrial Equipment

When you want to ship a vehicle (car, truck or motorcycle) to Estonia or any other overseas destination, you want us to take care of two things: Firstly, we will ensure its safety in a special (weatherproof) vehicle container, as well as provide vehicle shipping insurance options to further guarantee the safety of your cargo. Secondly, we will help you get together all the necessary paperwork, so as to get the vehicle fully licensed and approved for use in the destination country.

When you are planning overseas shipping to Estonia of manufacturing/farming equipment, there are a few things that need to be taken care of, and with which we will gladly assist you as well. One of the most important ones is customs and import regulations. Some manufacturing and farming equipment will also need proof of ownership and other documentation that needs to be provided at customs. We can provide all the information you need regarding the country of destination, and make sure the delivery goes smoothly.

For more details on specific service rates, insurance packages and country-specific import regulations, contact us at A1 Global. Your peace of mind is our A1 Priority!