International Shipping to Bulgaria

Furniture shipping from Canada

A1 Global Corporation welcomes you. If you are here because you are looking for reliable, efficient, flexible and affordable international shipping to Bulgaria or other overseas destinations - you just found it.

A1 Global has been in the business of overseas shipping for years, providing international relocation services, overseas auto shipping, household container shipping overseas and other kinds of International Shipping to Bulgaria and other countries.

We know you are looking for one thing above others - peace of mind. Peace of mind that your goods will be handled with care. Peace of mind that they will be stored in a safe, dry facility. Peace of mind that you will get them there on time and without any delay in delivery or paperwork. The service we provide can be described in one word as - seamless.

Household and Personal Effects

If its overseas household relocation that you are planning - believe us, we know how hard it is. Packing an entire household when moving across the street is hard enough. Packing for a move overseas is a hundred times harder. You want everything to be packed neatly and compactly (as you are being charged by volume) but at the same time you want it all to be safe. Here is where we come into the picture and can your life a whole lot easier.

As an additional service you can get a team of professionals to carefully package all your goods for you (including breakables, dishes and furniture). As well as removing the toll of packing, they can advise you on customs regulations and restrictions that may apply to some of the items you are going to ship. This may save you lots of trouble with Bulgaria's customs.

Motor Vehicle and Commercial Equipment

When it comes to international shipping to Bulgaria of commercial equipment or cars (especially antiques or collection vehicles) - you want two things. One is a full guarantee of your wares' safety in transit (we know just how important this is for you). The other is a walk through all the necessary licensing and paperwork that is necessary for motorized vehicles and commercial machinery. We will do all that is necessary so that you can use your equipment or car as soon as it gets there.

There are many extra services we provide, such as temporary storage, banking advice at the country of destination and more. Call us now , inquire concerning custom regulations and insurance packages and get a free estimate on your planned shipment.