Overseas Shipping to Belgium

Transportation  Company in Canada

Have cargo and looking for overseas shipping to Belgium or other overseas destinations? Good! We can take it from here. Our main goal at A1 Global Corporation is to make the shipping of your goods to Belgium - efficient and safe, and we have all that is needed to ensure it.

An established network of connections and a honed to perfection shipping process are our main assets. Added to that are multiple shipping options, cargo storage facilities, packaging, pick up from your doorstep and to-door delivery services.

International Household Relocation

We pride ourselves on having established an efficient, flexible and affordable household goods transportation service for you to enjoy. When it comes to preparations - we cannot only provide the container to your doorstep, but also provide you with a crew of professionals that will do the packing for you.

We will even go further than that and advise you on overseas banking options and allow you to focus on job search, getting the kids into a school and other things you really can't delegate. We will try to make your transition and overseas shipping to Belgium as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Motor Vehicle and Commercial Equipment

Why sell the car only to get a new one on the other side, when your car can travel with you? Get it into a container and we will get it to the destination of your choice. It will not only grant you peace of mind but also save you money. A hand-picked crew of reliable professionals will walk you through all the necessary steps; observe import regulations, paperwork and imported motor vehicle licensing.

We also provide overseas shipping for commercial equipment, such as manufacturing machinery or farming vehicles. Nothing is too big for us at A1 Global.

With A1, you will be guided through all of those steps and everything that is also necessary for overseas shipping to Belgium. We promise a seamless and effortless process. You are here today, and tomorrow you are on the way!

Prices will depend on shipping arrangements and cargo size. Give us a call and get a free estimate and any other information you may require.