Overseas Shipping to Belarus

Transportation  Company in Canada

When you are looking for a company to ship anything from Canada to Belarus, you want to make sure you get the best in the field. We guarantee that your goods will be handled with professionalism and delicate care, so that they arrive at the destination on time and in perfect shape.

A1 Global Corporation has been in the business of international moves, international container and car shipping to Belarus and other overseas destinations for a very long time. We have all the necessary expertise to make sure your goods are in good hands.

You will enjoy the experience of working with us from the very beginning. We cultivate a culture of impeccable customer service (agents answer calls within 3 rings, emails are answered within 24 hours and all questions are answered quickly and precisely).

Personal Goods Relocation to Belarus

One of the most common services we offer is personal goods relocation to Belarus and other destinations. Many people are moving for work or for family reasons and have accumulated multiple possessions that you would not want to leave behind. Why not call us at A1 Global Corporation, get a container and get everything transported overseas safely and efficiently.

You can "copy" the same cozy lifestyle you are so used to, to anywhere in the world, because with us, your home can travel with you. Paintings, furniture, carpets, mirrors and even the old piano you love so much. Everything can accompany you all the way across the ocean!

Vehicle and Commercial Machinery Transportation to Belarus

Of course, we also offer vehicle and commercial machinery transportation to Belarus. Why lose money on selling your existing expensive possessions and buying new ones there, when you can, for a surprisingly reasonable price, just ship them there and save yourself the hassle of having to shop for it all over again.

We ship all types and sizes of cars, vehicles and commercial equipment to Belarus - small or large, we will get it there, while ensuring its perfect safety in the process. We also do specialized jobs, such as race car shipping, motorcycle shipping, boat shipping, oversized vehicles shipping and even tractors shipping to Belarus. And also heavy duty specialized projects such as construction equipment shipping, print equipment shipping and more.

Just call us to get a price estimate and answers to all and any questions you still have concerning shipping or goods relocation to Belarus and we will get you on the way, right away!