Overseas Shipping to Australia

Moving Containers to Australia

Australia is becoming a popular destination nowadays, for both business and immigration. A1 Global Corporation is a highly specialized company that is offering a wide array of services for all and any types of overseas shipping to Australia.

Whether you need to deliver commercial machinery, household goods or interested in international auto shipping (including antique vehicles), we are the company you need.

  • We handle every client in the most professional yet personal way possible.
  • You get advised on local legislation, from import restrictions to local banking and car laws.
  • You enjoy peace of mind as your items are insured with our special policy.
  • We reach all major destinations including Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth
  • We make it quick when time is of the essence or offer great storage solutions so that shipment is made when You are ready for it.

Household Shipping Overseas

Furniture, cabinets, household appliances, lamps and many more things become a part of our lives. We want them to go with us as we move to another country, especially if some items are antique or very expensive. We offer full household overseas shipping to Australia or mini-moves, to suit all your needs and make sure you literally feel like home!

International Car Shipping and Shipping of Industrial Equipment

Sometimes you are just too attached to your car to leave it behind. In some cases a car can be truly one of a kind (antique or custom made) or too expensive to sell it and buy a new one. The bottom line is - you need to take it with you.

If you are a supplier for a local business, or looking to establish a manufacturing/farming facility of your own in the growing Australian market, you may find that buying the equipment here and transporting it down under is the best choice.

To make a long story short, A1 Global Corporation has been known as one of the leading overseas and international car moving companies for years. Our overseas shipping to Australia service is an impeccable seamless process. You will enjoy working with a company that has all the necessary know-how, equipment, and legal knowledge to deliver your goods there safely and swiftly.

Call us today and we will get you there in no time!