International Shipping to Armenia

Moving Containers to Armenia

A1 is a company that will ship most anything for you to Armenia or other overseas destinations. We take care of the whole process from Point A to Point B in a hassle-free way that will have you feel safe for your goods and you happy with the whole transaction.

What we sell is peace of mind. Rest easy with the full knowledge that your goods will be shipped and safely delivered to the destination of your choice in short time and for a surprisingly affordable price.

We offer car shipping overseas, shipping of household and personal effects, household relocation and other forms of international shipping to Armenia and overseas. Also, we handle specialized deliveries of antique cars or heavy industrial (farming, manufacturing etc.) machinery and equipment overseas.

Each of these services requires a special touch, knowledge of the local legal regulations and specialized equipment that will ensure your goods' safety in transit.

Household International Shipping to Armenia.

You are moving to another country (for work, business or whatever other reasons) and don't have the time to sell your belongings and buy new things in the new place. Besides, that old (or even antique) dresser or cabinet is so much a part of you by now that you can't possibly leave it behind. Well, this is not necessary when your entire household can be simply and safely moved to the new country. It will save you lots of money and time in the process and allow you to concentrate on the more important things. You'll be free to focus on the new job, settling in and getting the kids to a new school.

International Auto Shipping.

When you are planning to move, do not hurry to sell your car. You can save money if you hire international car movers, who will make sure your trusted vehicle is waiting for you there when you arrive. We will also consult you on local legislation concerning imported cars and ensure your transition goes as smoothly as if you simply went out of town.

The same thing goes for industrial equipment. It's usually very heavy and also needs special treatment, care and country-specific paperwork.

Our International Shipping to Armenia services are perfectly tuned for these needs and more, so call us now and get a free consultation and estimate!